Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Greece 50 Years Ago!

This is a nice video about Greece in1963. Maybe a little poorer country than today but also maybe a little happier country than today.

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  1. The first part, i would dare say is the island of Cefalonia (you can still see ruined houses, cracks on the ground along the dock of the port), still "under reconstruction", after the 1953 earthquake that leveled the island.

    The part with the monuments in french, is from the town of Pylos, on the opposite coast, in the mainland, remembering the Battle of Lepanto.

    The climbing-military drill footage is from the "LOK" - Mountain Raiders basic trainning camp (at a point, you can see the 2-winged sword on the rock wall, since they were trainned as SAS and fought in WWII in North Africa, along the British).

    The "city" images are from Athens. The ending is a classic "sunset at Sounio".