Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Would Jesus Christ Have Done?

Greek author Nikos Dimou seems to literally enjoy testing Greek traditions for rational sense. In this article he wrote that "as Easter approaches, we will again spend money on bringing the (supposed) Holy Fire, receiving it with the honors afforded to a head of state". Jesus Christ would probably have helped the poor rather than pay for transport of the Holy Fire, Dimou added.

Well, I guess if one really wants to infuriate traditionalists and/or believers, one can't do much better than the above. At the same time, there are probably many Greeks who agree with Dimou. My wife certainly does.

Since Greece doesn't strike me as a very secularized society, I can see that there would be violent reactions against any perceived mockery of traditional beliefs. For me as a non-Greek, it is very difficult to form an opinion about this but I would very much hope that there will be commentaries and/or discussions in the Greek media about Dimou's position.

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  1. Greeks are not the slightest bit religious, in contrast to my own Protestant family. They know nothing of either the Old or New Testaments, and even less about the teachings of Christ.

    On the other hand, the term "secular" is not appropriate. This is because since the Bulgarian Exarchate was created, Greek Orthodoxy has been seen as an essential part of Greek identity. That is why the most disgusting of Greek Orthodox leaders -- such as the deceased Christodoulos -- are the most popular. It has nothing to do with Christianity and is merely Greek nationalist rubbish. For the same reason, Greeks reject Greek Protestants and Greek Jews, and treat them very nastily.

    So, secular? No. Christian? No. Greek? Yes.