Monday, April 21, 2014

A Place in Paradise Reserved for Greeks!

Sit still; collect your thoughts; concentrate your mind and let the following embrace you:

My poor Greek translates this as follows: "When God distributed the Earth to every country, the Greeks ended up with nothing. The Greeks cried out to God 'Why didn't you give us anything'? And God replied: 'For you, I have reserved a place in paradise!'"


  1. A more literal translation is: "When God distributed lands to the nations, he forgot Greece, so Greece asked: God, you forgot to give me land. And he replied: To you, i will give a bit of paradise".

    I don't know where you found it, but its structure is part of a series of "classic" greek jokes with God, like the "When God created men, he distributed hair to cover their heads. Then to some he gave pretty heads" (intending that bald men don't need hair to cover their ugly heads, they were born with pretty heads, so they don't need hair).

  2. That's the kind of stuff that Greeks say to feel good about themselves.

    1. You are quite right. My wife got tears in her eyes when she read that.

  3. this means that...

    greece has no land to cultivate as other countries do have, cause of the rocky ladscape.
    therefore greece is a poor country.
    god has a place for the poor...he said so..:-)
    i think this has nothing to do with...feeling good about ourselves...but more likely to make us feel that our efforts are not in vain.