Sunday, August 20, 2017

SYRIZA's Definition Of Communism

Thanks to an article in KeepTalkingGreece, I now have an entirely new definition of what Communism was:

It seems to me that the Greek Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis, when making the above remark, overlooked the fact that it was Communism which destroyed the ideological trend coming out of Prague.


  1. The majority of Greeks are very sorry for what he said. Under despair of crisis and poverty we give to this party the government. We are very sorry for that too.

  2. SYRIZA government = The Inmates in charge of the Asylum

  3. Communism, on the contrary, gave death to dozens of ideological trends (and millions of people), one of which was Liberal Democracy. Conceived in England with the Bill of Rights, carried in Europe during the Age of Enlightenment and borne in America.

  4. SYRIZA must be desperate. This seems to be an effort to seduce left-wing voters with memories from the civil war, the first post-civil war years and the dictatorship. Are they so many though, and does this background influence their voting behaviour even today?

  5. This is a shameful mockery of the citizens of 10 EU nations plus East Germany, who lived with communist rule for 40 years. Carried out by a bunch of Champagne communists who has never done a days work in their lives but lived off the very people they portray to represent. That they also expect the "ex-communists" to pay for them only add insult to injury.
    Thank you Syriza for reminding us who you are. Thank you for taking another big step towards your exodus from EU.

  6. Have you seen this, Klaus? I think you might like it.