Saturday, April 26, 2014

Time For Apologizing to Angela Merkel?

Die Zeit is a renowned German newspaper known for its esteemed authors and its esteemed readership. Its political direction is centrist and social-liberal. Former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (Social Democrat) is one of the publishers of Die Zeit.

This commentary by Mark Schieritz of Die Zeit is quite noteworthy. Schieritz had been a forceful critic of Merkel's socalled austerity agenda since 2010. In this article he asks: "Do I now have to apologize to Angela Merkel? Together with all the other critics of her austerity agenda who were obviously wrong?"

Schieritz does not give a yes-or-no answer to that question but it is quite surprising that he credits Merkel's austerity agenda for having accomplished something which could not have been accomplished otherwise, in his opinion.


  1. I thought all these years many protested each time a greek dared say that the austerity is Merkel-driven, that Germany is calling the shots, that Berlin is where the decisions are made. Now that a german says it, it's time to celebrate...

  2. Well, I think that author Schieritz is coquetting in a manner not adequate to the importance of the subject!

    I got a more realistic impression from FAZ: