Monday, April 21, 2014

And How Was Your Easter Lamb?


  1. Other than mocking him with photoshops, there is little else that Greeks can do to him and feel better.

    He is being paid with parliament salary for travelling all the time in foreign countries, lecturing them on how he saved Greece and how to save EU and he is being handsomly paied to do so!

    And he even has the guts to want to make new party on his own! Venizelos cut his ambitions last month, by reminding him that he "has open business with PASOK", implying that 200 mln euros debts that Papandreou left in PASOK and God knows what scandals there are there that only Papandreou and Venizelos know about.

  2. I have never seen a more unappetizing skewer of lamb. The sight of it is enough to make anyone vegetarian.

    Of course, it's not that I have any objection to roasting or grilling Papandreou; it's just that his arrogant grinning visage is a grim thing to see on the food table.

  3. Schauble's Easter lamb present to Tsipras:

    Tsipras: Schauble dared tell the people on the day of Easter what to vote.
    Tsipras is taking advantage of Schauble's interview to Kathimerini, where he said "I am convinced that PM Samaras and FM Stournaras are rendering well the giving results and hope that mr. Samaras will continue convincing the majority of greeks that this is the best and right way for Greece".

    Now Tsipras accuses Samaras that he has already secretely agreed on 3rd memorandum with Schauble and repeates that "whoever votes for Samaras in Athens, is voting for Merkel and Schauble in Europe".

    Sometimes i do wonder. What is it with this german mania to come before every election and politely say their preference? One would think that by now they would have understood that they boost Tsipras every time they attempt so.