Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Timeo Danaos Et Dona Ferentes?


  1. Hello Mr. Kastner,

    I also follow another blog. Mish. I found the below article quite interesting.


    I especially found the land registry issue quite amusing. Every so many years we all have to re declare what land and property assets we have, because a new "temporary" land registry is created. Even though we are already paying taxes etc on these properties, every so often we need to re declare.

    I think to myself who in Greece has so much land that does not want to have this land registry and what black market advanatges there are for not to be an official land registry. I am wondering if the eu official really knows who but does not mention names. I can mention an organization but i will withhold for now.


  2. I fail to understand the last part of the quote, Et Dona Ferentes, what gifts?
    @V, don't be coy, If you mean the church say so instead of mubling conspiracy theories about the EU and the Greek church.