Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Alexis Tsipras on the Humanity of Communist Regimes

Alexis Tsipras is quoted as follows in this Bloomberg article:

“There was a huge lack of freedom in communist regimes, but at least they had humanity at the center of their thinking".

One must hope that this was a slip of the tongue. If it was intentional, one has to wonder about Tsipras' view of the world and of history!


  1. You really still don't know who SYRIZA is, do you? It took you a few years, but you are starting to see the picture, that Tsipras isn't the "hope for Greece" you have been thinking.

    By the way, i hope you didn't bet any money on Samaras finding 180 votes for President. The indications are that Samaras is going for heroic exit. He postponed everything with the troika for end February. This means, for after the national snap elections that will be held in January. So that the hot potato passes to Tsipras. Samaras and the Europeans have agreed on "burning" Tsipras. If Tsipras tries to play hardball, there will likely be a cypriot scenario, waiting for public protest to bring Tsipras down and bring back Samaras as the only saviour.

  2. Sounds reasonable to me.

    Terrible lack of freedom and repression, but guaranteed food, housing etc.

    Besides, communist regimes were pretty different from each other. The communism of the USSR was different to the communism of Cuba, the communism of Romania was different to the one of Yugoslavia etc etc. Same as the capitalism of Greece is different to the capitalism of Germany, the capitalism of the USA is different to the one of Sweden and so on.

    1. I beg your pardon? Are you aware that the death toll of Soviet Communism (primarily Stalin) exceed that of the Nazi regime? Have you ever heard of the millions and millions who were sent to death during China's cultural revolution? Perhaps you can name for me one communist regime where there was not repression and persecution of arbitrarily identified "foes of the system".

    2. Did i ever tell you that in Greece the official history is the one of the left? Yes, i think i did. Now here's your proof. In Greece, there is much knowledge about nationalsocialism, but a more idilliac picture of the Stalin regime. Yes, some mention about Gulags, but after all, this was "common practice". Ι hope you have understood what has is happening in the last few days in Greece with Romanos case. A leftist armed bank robber with hostage, is blackmailing the goverment with hunger strike, to set him free with bracelet for "studying", while being convicted. And the minister hasted to pass new law allowing stduying from distance and it's still not enough. And all because he is a leftist extremist. Had he been a fascist extremist, all mass media would say "let him rot in hell".

      Jim Slip, i suggest an easy route. Go to "youtube" and search for the documentary that horrified the KKE so much, to put it in the banned list and say it's fabricated american propaganda. It's called "Soviet Story". Enjoy the view.

    3. @kleingut

      By the way, since you mentioned Gage recently in a post. About a week ago, in the user comments of a greek newspaper, there was the usual group of greek leftists disputing the kidnapping of 23000 greek children by the communist guerillas and one called Gage a "CIA paid author". This maybe can help you understand the heroic aura of nobility that surrounds communism in Greece, as well as who's writing the history books that greek children learn at school.

    4. @kleingut:

      There are too many short sighted people who see so called 'pure' communism (and socialism) as ethically beautiful ideas, disregarding the real existing variants with all those awful deaths.

      And by the way: The current self appointed world police USA also has no clean slate...