Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jean-Claude Juncker - The Perennial Public Chatter Box!

I once called Jean-Claude Juncker a 'public chatter box' in this blog. Over 3 years ago, I published a letter which I had written to him, asking him to 'refrain from public statements and, instead, act more competently behind the scenes!'

This man just doesn't seem to have any ability to learn from mistakes. He recently made some silly comments which could only be interpreted as his wishing that Greeks should not vote for SYRIZA. As could have been expected, he received a lot of flak for that. And his response?

"I do not know how to speak Greek and I do not know what Greek newspapers wrote. I cannot understand why the Greek Left defends the extreme Right. I hate the extreme Right.”

I can only repeat in exasperation: "Please, Mr. Juncker, keep your mouth shut!"

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