Friday, December 26, 2014

EU Task Force for Greece - Death in Slow Motion

It happens all the time: first, there is a new idea, a new project. Enthusiasm spreads. After a while, everyday-life sets in and the enthusiasm dies down. And, finally, the new idea, the new project fades away without leaving too many tracks in the sand. Perhaps one remembers sentimentally 'how great it would have been, if...' but then the whole thing quickly becomes part of the past.

I went through this process with the EU Task Force for Greece. When it was announced in October 2011, I was all excited and my excitement held for over one year. My excitement was so high that, exactly two years ago, on the last day of the year 2012, I wrote a passionate plea to "Make 2013 the Year of the EU Task Force for Greece!"

I note that I haven't looked into the progress of the ETFG for quite some time. It was supposed to finish by this year's end but its 'death' was recently postponed until mid-2015. And then one can start thinking 'how great it would have been, if...'

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