Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Taking Stock of Greece

"In a nutshell, the Greek banking system, as well as the Greek economy, have undergone profound (and long overdue) structural changes. Reform of the euro area financial architecture is also building confidence. Growth can resume, provided that major local or international political, geopolitical and economic risks are evaded" - Prof. Eleni Louri-Dendrinou.

Prof. Louri-Dendrinou is taking stock of Greece after 5 years of crisis. Quite obviously, it is an assessment which SYRIZA would be unlikely to share because of the overall positive tone. How could SYRIZA expect to replace the current government if it were to agree that there have been positive developments in Greece?

On the other hand, SYRIZA might want to, at least internally, ponder this article and determine whether perhaps some of the points are valid. If some of the points are indeed valid and if there are indeed positives among all the negatives which SYRIZA sees, SYRIZA should build on those positives instead of wiping them out altogether.

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