Thursday, October 23, 2014

Greece - Will the Axe Drop?

"As long as the Samaras-led government continues to act pompously and unsympathetically toward its citizens, however, Greece will have its head shackled to the guillotine. Until, and if, the axe drops, that is!" - Justine Frangouli-Argyris in the Huffington Post.


  1. Like if Samaras had any real wish to put ENFIA... The problem is that as per troika's demand, Greece must increase primary surplus in 2015, increase it a further 1.5% in 2016 and keep it at 4.5% from then on up to 2022.

    This, will also be Samaras' downfall, because you can't continue to squeeze and squeeze an exhausted electorate, while at the same time you boast about a primary surplus, which goes to pay debts and must increase to levels wished by Mr. Schauble. So as the lady says, unfortunately, those with nothing to lose, choose SYRIZA, as a hope that will not just bend head and do as Germany commands.

    Another troika effect is the impossibility to keep taxes stable. This scares away both greek and foreign investors. You go to Albania? You go to Bulgaria? You know you will have 10% taxation. In Greece, you don't know. Because if a trimester the flow to the state coffers is less than what troika wants, Samaras has to increase tax. The primary surplus has to grow to troika's levels? Samaras has to increase tax. Businessman will move to Bulgaria...

  2. What Anonymous @11:02 describes as sad consequences of the troika influence is far from what was intended by the troika.
    The reasoning was, that the Greek state should become more efficient by reducing the number of it's wage-earners and that these people should become really productive in other parts of the economy.
    Such reform has not been sufficiently implemented and therefore you have a big number of suffering people and the whole mess which imho will end in disaster.