Friday, October 24, 2014

A Brutal Assault On SYRIZA!

"SYRIZA forsakes what appeared to be its own values and allows the current government to continue it’s demolition job, it seems Greek citizens would have to simply go back to sleep while the obliteration continues…" 

This is what Stavros Katsoulis concluded in his article titled "Is Mr. Tispras and the SYRIZA/left party the solution to Greece's problems?" Mr. Katsoulis seems to be a true left radical who feels disappointed/disillusioned by SYRIZA's having become more 'moderate' in the last couple of years. The article was published on the website of the United People's Front which describes itself as follows: 

• EPAM (United People’s Front) was founded on 16 July 2011, following the dramatic events of May 2010 when Greece lost its national and popular sovereignity and the resistance of the people square-gatherings in almost every major Greek city.
• EPAM is open to everybody regardless of political beliefs or social status.

1. Unilateral debt repudiation according to the international law.
2. Cancellation of all memoranda and international treaties signed since 2010 with the IMF, the EU and the ECB.
3. Exit from the European Union and the eurozone, and return to national currency.
4. Nationalization of the major banks starting from the Bank of Greece, in order to control the economy, to redefine the credit policy and to control capital traffic.
5. Trial and punishment of all those responsible for the bankrupcy and the loss of sovereignity of the country.
6. New Constitution.

Well, this is a clear and unequivocal position, for sure! The question of interest would be how many votes this position would gather in a national election. And then the question would be whether this is a viable course of action for Greece. 

Sometimes I wonder whether perhaps the only way to get such romantic feelings out of the minds of many Greeks would be go for this kind of strategy and to let the results speak for themselves.


  1. EPAM is a joke. It's more or less a KKE small branch. If someone likes EPAM's agenda, he will practically just vote directly for KKE...The only difference is that KKE openly says it's a comunist party, EPAM is saying it covertly so that doesn't scare away voters, but they have no chance in elections.

  2. Mr. Katsoulis looks like a intellectual romantic in ivory tower:

    "... maybe these few that are left, can only offer a “light softening” on the effects of the economic missiles that are being fired against the Greek people by the EU/IMF and friends."

    If this kind of people start governing, disaster will follow because the real world is governed by different people with opposing opinions...


  3. You should be posting humourous posts more often. Entertain a bit your readers. Here's a proposal.

    George Papandreou's latest:

    "We are thirsty for the reborn of the party (PASOK)! The road of the values is calling me!"

  4. I think you are right that a detour over a SYRIZA government would be a dose of reality. I do not think that it will ever happen, most Greeks know where the little money there is come from.
    For the same reason I do not share the popular belief that there will be early elections due to the failure to elect a president. That would require that 120+ MP's would gamble their jobs on the belief that they would still be MP's, or even one of the 40 odd ministers and deputies, after a general election. That will not happen, they will not vote with their conviction or even party affiliations, they will vote with their wallet. It will be great fun to follow the campaigning though; there will be so much bravado and bluffing that they could fail to elect a president by accident.