Saturday, May 10, 2014

People of Aruba, Curacao, La Reunion, Martinique, St. Bart, etc. --- Vote for the EU Parliament!

Here is an interesting piece of news. If true, quite a few people in far away locations around the globe can vote in the upcoming EU elections. They may even be more excited avout these elections than the eligible voters on the European continent: the governors of Aruba, Sint Maarten and Curacao have made public appeals to their people to make sure that they vote!

This, apparently, has to do with EU law which stipulates that everyone holding the citizenship of an EU country is eligible to vote. That broadens the range of eligibility to the 'outermost regions' and 'overseas countries and territories' of France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Denmark and The Netherlands.

Wouldn't it be funny if the Wallis and Futuna islands near the Fiji Islands showed a greater voters' participation than, say, Germany or France?

Or serious?

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  1. Meanwhille. Poll 26 March 2014.

    58% Of Italians wants out of the euro:

    Poll Dec 2013: 49% of Italians against the euro:

    Poll conducted by the american Pew Research on March-April 2014:

    Italians that look favourable at the EU: 46% (last poll from the same company was giving 58%, so -12% trend).

    Always from Pew. Italians that want out of the euro: 44%.

    (See Munchau's article in FT)