Thursday, May 8, 2014

Keep Up The Good Work, Greeks!

"Gains in Greek banks' shares gave billionaire investor John Paulson's $3.2 billion Recovery Fund a lift during the first quarter, and future returns are expected to keep climbing as the housing and real estate markets continue to recover" --- writes the Ekathimerini.

Now, if that is not a real recovery, then I don't know what is! Not necessarily a recovery of the Greek economy but certainly a recovery of John Paulson's Recovery Fund which, without the boost from Alpha Bank and Piraeus Bank, would have performed rather poorly in the first quarter of this year.

Keep up the good work, Greeks!


  1. I see that your stay in Greece has contributed to your sense of sarcasm !!! Good one !

  2. Well, as the government expresses it, "it shows the investor confidence in Greece, and more will follow". With investors like that who needs real investments?