Thursday, May 8, 2014

Checking Tax Evasion at a Snail's Pace

From the PressProject

At the same time that the Finance Ministry is enacting its austerity policies on ‘small fry’ taxpayers, in the drawers of its auditors thousands of cases of suspected major tax evasion are gathering dust. They are cases concerning significant wealth, with large amounts transferred abroad and to offshore companies. The audits here move at a snail’s pace.

Offshore companies subject to audits: 6,575
Actually audited: 4

Cases of large wealth subject to audits: 720
Actually audited: 59

Wealth transfers abroad subject to audit: 24,710
Actually audited: 31

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  1. "You must understand that these matters are sovereign Greek issues that the EU cannot interfere in, we trust the Greek government to do the right thing". A quote from Olli Rehn in a DW television program yesterday. If the EU don't include it in the conditionality for assistance to Greece, and closely follow up on it, they lose all credibility. In my eyes they have already.