Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ode to European Joy!


  1. Ode to Joy Rock version, by Ana Rucner and produced by the Croatian National Tourist Board. At one year old that puts the video post referendum but pre-accession to the EU I think. I wouldn't be surprised if the money used ultimately came from the EU institutions.

    One thing that suggests that is that it's called the "European national anthem" on Ms Rucner's Vimeo account. Perhaps something is being lost in translation but the piece certainly wasn't written as a national anthem and I am not sure when exactly anyone voted for Europe to become a nation.

  2. This is ancient history. This is the contemporary European Joy. It shows perfectly, where the "european civilization" (what's left of it), is heading at:

    Let Beethoven sleep in peace, he wouldn't want to wake up and think he has been transferred to another planet.

    1. Only today did I discover that little Conchita was born in my hometown... What comes to mind is that Vladimir Putin may soon ask his fellow Russians: "Do you really want to become like the West?"

    2. Mr. Kastner,

      I don't know if ever Russia will become like the West, but for sure, it won't degenerate as fast as the West will. Already the Ukraine western debacle, shows this. Who will stand up to Putin? A bunch of countries that have grown up with old demographics, soft bellies, even softer and spoiled children, that grow up with Conchita and the "beauty of diversity" as role model? What are they going to do? Threaten the russian Spetsnaz with a flower shower?

      This isn't about homosexuality of hybrid gender, that seems to be the new trend. This existed in ancient times too. Eurovision is known that is more about cultural trends and setting "role models" than about music. Beethoven would be glad about his impaired hearing. The problem, is when the "role model" is a Conchita.
      In a world, where the Asians work like ants and have surpassed in many cases the West in PISA ratings. A world with ever growing hungry Africans. With a Russia determined to get back to its days of glory, the reply of a degenerated west, is Conchita.

      Europe, in a few centuries, will be impossible to recognize culturally, demographically, mentality-wise, values-wise.
      You could resurrect Mozart or Vermeer, Nelson or De Gaulle and they would probably all ask to be put to death again, rather than believe that these are still their countries.

      When Caligula and Nero start being celebrated as divine and normal, the decline must not be far away. Nature hates vacuums. When something degenerates, something else, with faith in something other than material values (money) and numbers, will prevail. Always has, always will. Ask the Babylonians what they think of Iraqis and you will have your Europe in some centuries from now.

  3. Ode to Conchita.

    It's already becoming a fashion... British Russel Brand, posing as Conchita.

    Putin must have shivers down his spine.