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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Confusion About 'Red Lines'


  1. This confusion is within the Greek government. ANEL and Syrizas "left platform" are against any concessions (the Lafazanis line of rupture with Europe). Tsipras + how many (?) are for at least some concessions (the honourable compromise).

    So its either Grexit or a split of the government and of Syriza.

    Tsipras! Take your pick!

  2. It has been like this since January 25.
    Today they this here, and back home they tell complete another story.
    White turns into black, and vice versa. One gets insane by it because it IS insane. Not any logic. Maybe that is a strategy, or a trick. But no, it is their "logo": all they were against, they are doing it now themselves.

    I do NOT believe in a solution anymore and I see this, the not any solution, as the best solution, finally.
    Hoping EU will stop all the conversations, meetings, to avoid losing time for other important cases and to let Greece go.

    This government is not WILLING to create an agreement.

    Very interesting:
    Via the Dutch top-journalist Saskia Dekkers (works for NOS TV) on Twitter I was directed to an excellent article about Nazism in Greece on the Dutch website "De Correspondent". Found another article, even more interesting, and translated into English the title is: "This is how a Greek sees the world".
    It is based on the views of The Greek philosopher Nikos Dimou, created after sixty years of studying the characteristics of the Greeks.
    Website Nikos Dimou:
    There is a button on the top for the English website.

    URLs to "De Correspondent":
    How Greeks see the world:

    Why Nazism could grow in Greece:

    Google Translate can help.

  3. Antoinette,

    Thanks for the nikos dimou site. Could only read half because i don't have time. There are indeed many truths in there but there are also many issue of discussion. But it is a good 1st glimpse and good summarization. no time to see other sites. Although nazism can not grow beyond single digits. even less.

    As for your earlier comments, you really can't stand us. Don;t let your energy and passion turn to hate. It is not good for you and it is not healthy physically or pscychologically. As for the double statement. That is politics. There is an agreement which will be closed. As for the red lines. Yes there are red lines, but the politician who says them does not show where they have newly been drawn. How do you believe acceptance is adopted into the mindset of people and the politicians that will need to vote them through congress.

    From what i am seeing, i will need to put my hand deep into my pocket maybe even to my ****, but it is for the better good. Change is coming but as you read in the article the change requested needs time. And if you couple this article with slow change and Mr. Kastner's publication of Mr. Tsipras speech, you will notice that our prime minister also suggests change but at OUR speed, which means we need time. It is hard to teach barbarians how to become civilized in such a short time.

    Also be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.



  4. I suppose that the idea of Tsipras on convergence is that the others converge to him.

    1. I suppose that your idea of the truth is that it is your opinion.

  5. @Comrade Xenos! It is all about the European workers. This link is explaining Syrizas thinking. And this it the truth and nothing but the truth, so Marx help us: