Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Rejection Of The "Blueprint For Greece"

I take the liberty of publishing below the reaction of my reader Lennard to an article which I had written a few days ago:

AT: Yanis Varoufakis
FM: Lennard
RE: Your proposal, A Blueprint for Greece

Thank you, but no thank you.

As a common business project it is not attractive to us. It lacks Purpose, Scope of Work, Master Schedule and Budget. Your track record and proposal indicate that you do not look for a business partner but a donor. That is not in our area of interest. Please feel free to seek others at your discretion. Your threats of damaging our business in case of non co-operation have been handed over to our corporate legal advisers.

As a marriage proposal it is not attractive. You have no dowry and are of doubtful virtue and honor. You are flirting with other men and have been unsuccessfully married several times before. I do not think you look for a life companion, lover and friend. You look for a provider. We would not be happy together; I shall not hold you to your proposal. Do not shoot yourself; it will hurt you more than anybody else.



  1. A strong comment, not hiding back anything, completely open hearted and with full awareness, with fair justified huge truthful anger.

    Shooting himself: one needs to have emotions like being desperate or filled with shame, to be able to shoot oneself, to commit suicide. He has proved to be as cold as ice, not to feel any shame, never to be desperate, and not having any inner truthful human awareness: if it might look like, it is fake.

    I do not wish him to go so easy. He has to carry the full weight of all he created, himself, on his own neck, during his own full life. Till the natural end.

  2. What is so wrong about his proposal?
    We would all win even here in Germany!!

  3. Don't miss the clash of the giants! Apparently, George Papandreou still suffers from nightmares from when Sarkozy tried to step on to the table in his attempt to assault him, while shouting "you fucking pshyco!", when he heard George Papandreou's intention to hold a referendum.

    Time heals wounds, but our little George still is hurt.


    It is unknown yet whether the other giant of democracy, Sarkozy will reply.

    1. The tragic irony is that Papandreou is merely an idiot, whereas Sarkozy is the psycho. Clash of the midgets, I think, would be more apposite.