Monday, January 5, 2015

Oops, I Did It Again!

Dear readers and, above all, dear commentators,

I have just been extremely successful in accidentally deleting the last 100 comments which were posted to my articles. I have checked the guidelines and I am sorry to report that there is no way to retrieve those comments.

I am so sorry, possibly more sorry for myself than for you because it could well be that I enjoy reading the comment more than you enjoy writing them.

Sincerely, KK


  1. Oops, I did It again!
    I have just been extremely successful in accidentally deleting your blog from my favorites!
    I any case, just to restore some of your loss...
    This is a link to remember...

    Bluff of the Day: Germany Warns "Greece is No Longer of Systemic Importance For the Euro"

    1. This point is well taken (and has been made on several occasions by Prof. Varoufakis). A country with a current account surplus does not need additional funding from abroad.

      I would only wonder how long this current account surplus will last under SYRIZA. They obviously want to spread money among Greeks which money Greeks will spend. If the past is an indicator of the future, Greeks will spend that money on imported goods.

    2. Even more Mr. Kastner! In order to have primary surplus, Tsipras must execute a "Samaras budget". But Tsipras,promices not just raises, but also abolition of the ENFIA (real estate tax), which alone brings 3 beur to the state coffers. 3 beur is the supposed primary surplus! Tsipras says he will bring a new "high value real estate tax" that will hit only the rich, but if so, the tax collected will be only a small fraction of what ENFIA gives today. If you add to that, that Tsipras promiced he will re-enstablish ERT, Olympic Airlines, cancel the Hellenikon deal, review the contract with Cosco and the evil Chinese, hire back everyone who "unlawfully" was licensed from the public sector, raise minimum wages and pensions, give free electricity to everyone in need and a whole other things that cost money, you can see why i always say that the myth of the left is coming to an end.

      If Tsipras wasn't so power-thirsty, he would have waited for Podemos to come to power and make alliance with them. Now, he becomes the guinea pig and no matter what way he takes, he is bound to disappoint a good chunk of his voters. Reducing the debt is pretty much the best political weapon he has to show he made something.

  2. And here is one more link of those you’ve lost (with the comments)…

    Competing Views: Grexit Would Be "Lehman Squared" vs. No Problem; Where to Point the Finger When it Blows

  3. Correction does much, but encouragement does more.
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  4. Accidents happen. As your most common anonymous commentator, i do not seek immortality through my blog comments :) There is no need to feel bad about it. Errare humanum est.