Sunday, January 20, 2013

A new generation of Greek farmers!

This article from the Ekathimerini (with a link to a video) highlights a most interesting development: the coming of age of a new generation of Greek farmers. Farmers who manage to cultivate their produce with minimal support from the government, no government subsidies and a deep recession howling behind them.

Here are some quotes from Pavlos Georgiadis, the producer of the video:

“With the interviews and images of our country we wanted to send a message to Europeans that there is another picture emerging from Greece – not of corruption, inconsistency and amateurism – but one of hard work, of companionship".

“The old against the new: the model of subsidies with the rampant use of chemicals and a waste of resources against the mentality of producers striving for quality, to protect the environment and boost the local economy".

“Our goal was to take the story of Greek farmers all over the world. I believe that agriculture is one of the areas that will help pull us out of the crisis. The Greek earth remains relatively untouched, our fate is hereditary, we have a personal relationship with the land of our ancestors. Our generation’s challenge is to reconnect with the Greek earth".

I can only recommend viewing the video!

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  1. In case you missed it in eKathi all 5 Videos are at Vimeo They were put there last September.

    I wonder if those young farmers could apply for some of the EIB loans that are available to Greek SME's.

    This recent item from the Irish Examiner echoes some of the issues that come up in the videos.