Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Here Is A Party To Vote For!

Prior to the 2012 election, I wrote an article about a party which I could vote for (see below). After re-reading it now, I must say that I haven't changed my mind since then.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here is a party to vote for!

Ronald Reagan proved that one doesn’t necessarily need a detailed party program to accomplish something. Sometimes it is better to have a few simple messages which everyone understands and which are repeated all the time. Below are the messages of a Greek party which I could vote for.

First, to get new jobs quickly we will “steal” them. We will steal them from other countries which presently sell to us products which we could produce ourselves in Greece. We will create an “obsession with import substitution” in the minds of the Greek people so that Greek consumers become literally ashamed when they buy products from abroad when such products are also produced in Greece.

Second, we will create an “obsession with exports” in the minds of the Greek people so that Greek producers become literally ashamed when they do not sell a good portion of their production to other countries, particularly agricultural products. And we will be “smart exporters”, that is we will make the products shelf-ready and market them directly to individual countries (instead of selling bulk to Italy).

Third, we will create an “obsession with tourism” in the minds of the Greek people. Our mindset will no longer be that tourists should be thankful for being able to visit Greece but, instead, we will let them know that we really want their visits (and their money).

Fourth, money will be required to accomplish the above, particularly for the investment in new productive facilities for import substitution and new exports. We will create an “obsession with foreign investment” in the minds of the Greek people. Whenever a foreigner invests money in Greece, we will consider this as a compliment to the attractiveness of our country as a place to do business.

Fifth, we will privatize state companies as much as we can but we will sell them only to investors with a sustainable business philosophy. Investors with a short-term financial focus we will consider as asset strippers and treat them accordingly. The primary motive for privatization will not be the one-time financial gain but, instead, the future technology transfer which we expect to receive in those companies.

Sixth, we will take full advantage of the resources of the EU Task Force to build a modern and prosperous Greece: a Greece characterized by economic opportunity and social equity, and served by an efficient administration with a strong public service ethos. Our goal is to move up to the world’s top-20 countries as regards the ease of doing business as well as the low level of corruption. This within only one generation.

Seventh, our guiding policy will be that anything which hinders the above or even makes it impossible will be reformed with great speed. We invite our critics to remind us forcefully should we deviate from this policy.

Finally, it will be a priority for us to raise the spirits of the Greek people again. We will set in motion a Greece-is-Changing movement and we will invite people from all walks of Greek life to participate in creating the vision of a new and more prosperous future perspective for Greece. We will use the most modern media technology available to reach all Greeks with our message on a regular basis.


  1. Hello All Happy New Year with Health,

    Been a while. I had a nice rest. I do not know which party this is but points 1-5 are already in the process of. Some more vigoursly and some less, but we are moving in the specific points very well from my POV. Point 6 is difficult in all countries but a an improvement even slight would be good in Greece. Point 7 is quite funny.

    In the last 2 weeks of cleansing myself of all the media as much as possible, unavoidably i found out all the news at the various diner tables during the holiday's. And of all the concerns of my family and friends of who said what and when and what threats etc etc etc. I told it is not of my concern and i a fear nothing. Ever since i have felt this i am free and clear minded and even more confident for myself and my surroundings. I was critiqued that i live in my own dream world, but i am sure all that is going is premade pre manufactured and as i have this in mind i even laugh when i hear th threats and the promises from everywhere. Even the Austrian and German Leaders and newspapers. They are in this chirade. No matter who wins, who is in the new government, a deal will be closed (whatever it is) and we will continue. It is all such a joke it is not even funny. Talk of famine and bank runs and economical collapse and threats from our co europeans is all smoke in the eyes. When i hear people make such accusation of either party or any party, i would like to slap them in the back of their heads as you would a lilttle kid that said something stupid.

    The sooner we get the election and close the theatre the better. Then we will be on track again. Talk abotu theories etc.

    I read the previous articles and comments of. No time to reply to some good and mostly bad comments.

    Take Care and Truly Health to All. Health in life gives you everything you need. All else is nothing without it. When we have health we can have these nice fighting conversations :-)



  2. Klaus, why have you not (yet) launched that party?

    "Klaus for president" imho would sound good, at least in a language which does not lead to false connotations of your 1st name ;)


  3. Taking the opportunity by Mr. Trickler's comment, in case you don't know, Mrl Kastner, George Papandreou has opened an internet submission of candidacies, where you propose yourself as his party candidate MP. You are better than any known former PASOK MPs that George already has.

    The only problem is that, according to polls, it is probable that George's party will not make it to the parliament and may even take PASOK with it in the grave. It would be a fitting end, the son burrying the father's party.

    1. I don't think Papandreou is my cup of tea. I had written to him 3 times with very specific suggestions, the last time on September 25, 2011. One very specific proposal I accompanied with the sentence "if you don't do this, you and your government will find out that you have had it".

      A short time after he resigned, I received an email from a secretary. They had found my letters and wondered whether there was anything they could do for me. I repllied: "Not any longer".

    2. Hahaha! Typical of George! Always late for the appointment with history, but always trying to be polite, to the level of becoming ridiculous.

      I hope that the voters will also tell him "thanks George, but we don't need you any longer". According to George's latest statement, big centers of interest fought him, so this time, he wants the chance to make things right.

      He is also antimemorandum now. He said "austerity doesn't work and is hindering reforms".

      George can't digest being the only Papandreou without his own party... His grandfather had one, his dad had one, why not he!

      In all past bankruptcies Mr. Kastner, the country recovered when the failed politicial guard was wiped out. This time, the memorandum maintained them in power. But it's slowly happening. It make take 2 elections, but there is hope that PASOK will soon be history. New Democracy will lose 50% of MPs, already many of the older ones won't be candidates, Samaras will be forced to step down, ANEL (which are ND really) are also likely to vanish, DIMAR is finished. If George's party sinks together with the "normal" PASOK, it will be a good election! And SYRIZA is also bound to have high attrition, because there is no way to do keep so many promices. Hopefully, it will serve as lesson to everyone, to stop doing the "old school" electoral campaigns.

  4. i believe that one of the most important aspects of the economy is a country's exports. in the case of Greece i truly think that they need to export more especially a product called ouzo