Thursday, March 20, 2014

Greece and Denying Responsibility

"It is clearly nonsense to argue that the damage done to the economy and health of the Greek people is all down to corruption and inefficiency within Greece and nothing to do with Troika actions. Denial of responsibility is particularly dangerous if it means not admitting your mistakes but, instead, repeating them. The tragedy of the Greek political class is not that they failed to enact Troika policies but that they acquiesced to them. The one ray of hope is that now the Greek government is no longer running a primary deficit, so it potentially has much stronger negotiating power. I only hope they use it".

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  1. The other nonsense is saying that all is only the fault of the Troika...

    Looking from far away I have the impression that no efficient reform of whatsoever has been done in Greece, and therefore it will stay as it was before. I would only be too happy to learn by convincing proofs that my impression is plain wrong ;)