Tuesday, March 18, 2014

...and Here Comes Another List!

First, there was the Lagarde-list. Then there was a list of over 50.000 names who had allegedly transferred money offshore. Then there was a list of about 6.000 mysterious offshore companies. And now there is the "List of 1.700".

Greece protected tax cheats
Ex-official saw paltry returns

I have not seen any progress reports about what has come out of these lists so far. It seems to me that the tax office would work its way through the names and some unit like the Office of the Controller would check the work of the tax office. And somewhere along the line the public would be informed.

If I have overlooked any progress reports, I would ask for feedback.


  1. To be honest no official progress reports seen from my side too, only some scattered words, about having checked 'so many' accounts and still investigating... There seems to be lack of personnel, equipment and training, due to the well known budget cuts....

  2. It is really surprising that the Troika and the EU Commission do not insist on seeing substantial progress on the use of all those lists. This is not only damaging to the reputation of Greece, but to that of the European institutions as well.

    1. Thew Swiss do not wish to be disturbed....

    2. Plain wrong prejudice to accuse "Thew Swiss".

      Whenever a government sends rogatory letters asking for judical assistence it will promptly be supported.

      The big discussion with USA started because they wanted all informations without that legal procedure.

      And imho it is a shame that they got it after all!