Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oops! Austrian (Karas) Picks A Fight With A Greek (Tsipras)!

Question: How can one trigger a political storm?
Answer: Go to Greece and announce publicly that Alexis Tsipras has no ideas as to how to solve Greece's problems!

It's hard to believe but this seems exactly what the Vice President of the EU parliament, Othmar Karas, just did. And, I am embarrassed to admit, Karas is Austrian.

The expansion of power of the Habsburg's is often explained by the saying "Let others wage war: thou, happy Austria, marry!" (referring to the success of the Habsburg's dynastic marriage policy).

I am happy to report that I followed the Habsburg's philosophy --- I married a Greek almost 40 years ago (but, in fact, diminished my parental power as a result of it...).

Karas has opted for the opposite. He has, indeed, picked a fight with Alexis Tsipras. One is tempted to think of the Latin question "Cui bono?"

Perhaps the answer is that Karas was politically raised in Austria's conservative party which considers everything left of center as a threat to political stability. And now he seems to have decided that the best way to strengthen political stability is to pick a fight with those who are deemed to be a threat to it.

Mission accomplished! Or perhaps not?


  1. Sorry Klaus but your sentence after "Answer:" lacks accuracy.
    Imho the perfidious exact wording he used could only be refuted by persons present at that conversation?

    Cui bono: I think he intended to avoid some groups thinking that this commission pretty soon would put down the troika were premature hopes.


  2. Mission Accomplished?
    100% backfired. Good try EPP, no cigar.

  3. Yet another pre-electoral gift to Tsipras from our northern conservative friends. A bit like when Schauble and Merkel were warning Greeks about SYRIZA a week before the elections. Karas' comments became butter on the bread of Tsipras "antimerkelist" warcry. Εven more, since you tell half the story. The other half, is that Tsipras found an unexpected ally in his own camp. Liam Hoem Ngoc, member of the same commission Karas is in and (french) socialist, came out to say exactly the opposite. He said "Tsipras presented us a detailed economic and social analysis with written proposals".

    All this does nothing else than glorify Tsipras in the eyes of the left and undecided voters, as he appears to be targeted by "merkelist" politicians who see him as a threat, as opposed to Samaras, who is constantly being accused to be a puppet and submitted to the orders of the troika and Berlin.

    Mr. Karas, please, next time, wait for after the elections before attacking Tsipras.