Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh Dear! Hans-Joachim Fuchtel Is At It Again!

The mayor of Thessaloniki Yiannis Boutaris is angry at Hans-Joachim Fuchtel --- Fuchtel is supposed to provide assistance and know-how in improving city government and, instead, the man prefers to spend his time eating octopus, drinking retsina and touring Greece.

I mean, what does the mayor expect of an easy-going, back-slapping, overweight Suabian who grew up in Sulz on the river Neckar? Evidently, the man has already accomplished a lot --- he changed from enjoying Suabian wine and 'Spätzle' to enjoying octopus and retsina. If that is not successful change management, I don't know what is!


  1. You seem to know him herr Klaus What's wrong with him? He adjusted to the 'environment' lol lol MS

  2. "I fear nothing, i hope for nothing, i am free" (Kazantzakis).

    Fuchtel is now a free man. He represents the german repressed psyche gone free. The repressed anger that is reguarly disguised in german press' pseudosociological comments, regarding "Greeks eating and drinking under the sun", revealed for what it is... Envy for the sun that the German can't see and the ethic that sees enjoyment of life almost as sin. No coincidence that both in german and english, "debt" means also sin. Isn't it extraordinary and telling of one nation's soul?

    Fuchtel, broke free once in Greece. He almost seems thinking "I must find a way to stay here forever, permanent advisor to greek mayors. Not going back!".

    Little Hans discovering a new self... He is already known for being particularly prone to hugging and kissing minister Olga Kefaloyanni. To the point that once, Kefaloyanni told him "no more kisses!" to the ever willing Hans.

    Let Hans live the rest of his life free. Boutaris himself, a wine producer with admitted problem with alcohol in the past himself, should understand better than anyone.

    Lately i was reading a "light" novel, the "Aztec" by Garry Jennings and i couldn't help myself smiling when reading Bishop's Zumarraga's letters to the spanish throne full of abomination about Aztec customs, way of life and primitiveness, reminded me of the german view of Greece.

  3. @AnonymousJanuary 16, 2014 at 6:37

    Poor Olga looks rather stressed on those fotos ;)

    1. I can only imagine what she has been through. In Greece greeting with kisses is part of the normality. So, for Olga to arrive to the point, to enter a room and in front of the cameras and journalists, look immediately at Hans and say "no more kisses", as shown here:

      it indicated that Hans in his process of becoming greek, may have overdone it with kisses to poor Olga. Olga seems the german and Hans the emotional greek...

      By the time Hans' work will be over, he will be a complete greek. To quote Boutaris, "Fuchtel passes his time in Greece going for walks, drinking wine, eating octopus and trying to learn greek phrases like "taka-taka". Boutaris also says that Fuchtel organizes music band tours (could it be that Fuchtel has come to know greek folk music and arranges for musicians to go to the usual village fairs held in honour of various local saint patrons???). as well as banquets for no reason.

      In 1 year, he can change his name to Fouchtelidis, nobody will remember he was once german.

  4. @06:37 You have already wrote everything that needs to be told! I agree with your viewpoint!