Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Anyone Wanting To Get Angry at Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn?

If anyone feels the strong desire to get mad at Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, he/she should read this.


  1. No doubt Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn is extremely influential in Germany. And a good example of the educational standards there.

    1. Prof. Sinn has ALWAYS been very, very controversial in Germany. There are undoubtedly many Germans (typically from industry) who admire him for his provocative views. However, the mainstream does not, I believe, and certainly everyone left of center despises him. And left of center is about 50% of German voters. Not to mention the fact that virtually ALL intellectuals despite him, too.

      Prof. Sinn reached popularity after German unification when he wrote a provocative book that the common currency East/West wouldn't work, and he turned out right on that one. About 10 years ago, he again hit the limelight with his book "Can Germany still be saved?". On that one, he turned out wrong.

    2. No, I don't feel like being angry with Prof. Sinn.
      He is telling some truths that most of us has known for a long time, if some people find that insulting, disrespectful and insensitive, then so be it. On the same tack, why do people talk about Greek hyperboles when most of us know they are plain lies?