Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is Greece European?

This is a very interesting article by Robert D. Kaplan whom Foreign Policy magazine has named as one the the world's "top 100 global thinkers".

The geopolitical importance of Greece, once very significant, has been played down since Greece joined the EU. Mr. Kaplan makes the case that "from the point of geography and geopolitics, Greece will be in play for years to come".


  1. What does Mr Kaplan want to say? Should the rest of Europe pay a regular multi-billion euro bribe to Greece, so that it does not become a communist satellite?
    Paying member states for decent behaviour does not seem to me a good policy for the EU. Apart from the fact that other member states could start to make similar claims (the Baltics, Cyprus, Malta, or some of the future member states from the Balkans), this is not what I see as an acceptable vision for a more integrated Europe..
    If Greeks want to live in a western, market-oriented democracy that is in their own interest. If they decide that they don't want that, I am afraid we have to let them go.

  2. Greece might be better off in the Eurasian Union, as might Turkey. Post Afghanistan one has to wonder, again, what NATO's ongoing role will be.

    Over the last 12 months I've read most (all ?) of what Kaplan wrote in the Stratfor article several times over, probably even by Kaplan himself.

    IMO, this interview with Nikos Dimou in Die Spiegel is a lot closer to answering the question "Are Greeks Europeans" than Kaplan's Cold War perspective.

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    1. I agree with you that Nikos Dimou has very good insights into the "Greek soul". His booklet "The misfortune of being a Greek" should be textbook where young Greeks learn about themselves and, above all, to accept what one is. However, I remember how Austrians reacted when Erwin Ringel published his "Die österreichische Seele", so I don't hold hopes that Greeks will react differently. It may be very difficult for individuals to learn to accept themselves but entire nations don't seem to be capable of that at all.

  3. The issue with Dimou is teh Pangalos logic. It's NOT everybody's fault. Lots of people have fought against this(and lost)