Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who gets what in the EU

I have discovered two interesting websites.

Funds by Member State: here you can enter search criteria for the years 2007-10. You can inquire which country received/paid how much under which program for which year.

European Commission Beneficiaries Report: here you can get all sorts of information (including personal names) of beneficiaries of EU grants.

Unfortunately, answers can never be better than the questions asked. I asked a staff member of the EU Commission whether these data included all transfer to, say, Greece. The answer was "yes". I then asked why the agricultural grants were not shown. The answer to that was: "That information you get from the responsible Directorate General".

Have fun looking for the names of personal friends as beneficiaries...


  1. You will know that corruption of greek politicians has been drastically reduced, when you will see the greek column decrease drastically.


  2. "Have fun looking for the names of personal friends as beneficiaries" ???


    open this

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