Friday, May 4, 2012

Reason must prevail, reason will prevail --- and what if reason doesn't prevail?

Once again, Greece - a country of 11 million people - will capture the world's attention next Sunday. One wonders which election will receive more world-wide publicity - the French or the Greek one... (not to even mention the fact that there is a fairly important election in Germany as well).

When I first heard of the Greek rule that opinion polls could not be published in the last 2 weeks prior to an election, I thought that this was a rather good idea. As the election approaches, I am no longer so sure. Opinion polls can and obviously do influence the outcome of elections but is that all bad? When you see opinion polls until the very last day, it's like having a second chance and being able to review one's decision before casting the final vote irrevocably. You may rightfully want to give ND/PASOK a real lesson by voting for extremists but do you really want extremists in power?

What would be a desireable outcome? A recent tweet suggested that ND/PASOK should get a combined majority, form a coalition government and, sort of as a first act, disavow themselves from all their campaign rhetoric and continue on the road on which they had embarked with Lukas Papademos last November. Would appear quite reasonable but is that what the Greek people want?

As of now, I would consider the following as the most desirable result for Greece: one of the extreme sides (or both sides together if they decide to cooperate) should get exactly "50% minus 1" of the vote. That would get the point across to ND/PASOK that the Greek people have really had it but before they decide to tip the scale completely against the country's future, they are willing to give the political establishment one last, one very last - really, one really very, very last chance.

If the political establishment did not get this point, then things would undoubtedly start taking care of themselves in Greece going forward (however one wishes to interpret that...).

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  1. The elections are not about good/proper or bad choices. The elections represents the wish of the majority who vote. And the only way to rule now is by imposing populist decisions.

    Otherwise, who wants to stay ahead when the things will go crazy?