Friday, May 25, 2012

Greeks and Greece - a love-hate-relationship?

My wife was moved to tears about a TV discussion she watched this morning. I should add that my wife had left her Greek village at age 18 to study in Munich, then married - God forbid! - a non-Greek and never returned to Greece to live here permanently.

The TV discussion was about - what else? - what's wrong with Greece. One of the participants explained that he had been a guest-worker in Germany. That he had worked hard there and was respected for it. That he felt proud about this. That he could make enough money to support his family and provide a better future for his children. That he had very good medical and other social services in Germany. Etc., etc.

And now he was back in Greece and only saw a big mess all around him. What a country this was!

My wife's conclusion from this TV discussion was very "Greek": she exclaimed how right this man was and how everything was so terrible here but that this man was also a very typical Greek because he loved his country, the best and most beautiful country in the world and he returned to it!

All clear?


  1. Value exist in sentiment... not only cash...

    Another typical Greek

  2. I am German, and I like Mr Soros' proposal: Yes, let Germany decide to leave the euro, and then let the others decide by themselves whether they want to ignore the rules of the euro zone (provided there is still somebody who remembers them), finance Greek - and other - deficits forever, accumulate public debt without limits, introduce eurobonds or simply have the ECB print money. It will no longer be our concern, at least we will not continue to throw good money after the bad.
    The British were wiser; they stayed out from the start.

    1. Well, you have courage! Most people seem to think that a German exit would drive the new DM through the sky with the consequences on German exports and employment. On the other hand - and with a bit of sarcasm - the higher the value of the new DM, the lower the price of Greek assets. So, perhaps at the end of this day, Germany would end up doing what Greeks have alleged that they have been doing all this time - taking over Greece!