Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Move out of the sun!"

Interpretation by Peter Sloterdijk (Wikipedia)

According to Peter Sloterdijk, in his Critique of Cynical Reason, this is "perhaps the most well known anecdote from Greek antiquity, and not without justice". He states that "It demonstates in one stroke what antiquity understands by philosophical wisdom — not so much a theoretical knowledge but rather an unerring sovereign spirit [… T]he wise man […] turns his back on the subjective principle of power, ambition, and the urge to be recognized. He is the first one who is uninhibited enough to say the truth to the prince. Diogenes' answer negates not only the desire for power, but the power of desire as such".

The sun is out today in Greece and Greeks are voting about their future. Perhaps a miracle happens and they will elect a few people of Diogenes' measure!

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