Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Greek State Budget Out of Control!

The Ministry of Finance has reported disturbing developments in the Greek State Budget: since the beginning of this year, monthly results are clearly in excess of the targets. Below are the data for the last 4 months (in MEUR).

June: +1.954
July: +2.565
August: +3.178
September: +3.012

Given the history of Greece's fiscal excesses, one is likely not to be surprised that, once again, there are excesses. One would only wonder what type of excess it is. An excess over spending limits? An excess over deficit limits?

Surprise, surprise! The above figures are excesses of primary surpluses relative to their targets. Put differently: the creditors had imposed stiff primary surplus targets and Greece is over-performing by far. And this despite the fact that election presents were distributed this year!

This could literally get out of hand going forward. As the economy picks up, tax revenues will increase and surpluses will grow further. The Greek state will soon be swimming in cash.

Lucky Mitsotakis!

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  1. Yay!

    Oh wait, this just means that the government steals our money.