Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Substantial Growth In Private Sector Hirings?

What a surprise, indeed!


  1. What is so strange about that. Until the last few years the private sector has had unfair competition from the state.

    1. You are right, about the state-dominated Greek economy. I am less convinced about the argument that now the private sector is free to compete -- given onerous taxes and other obligations that did not previously exist.

      I wonder if one should believe these data. They hinge on a definition of private sector. Given that much of the state sector has already been privatised -- and note especially powerful state companies such as OTE -- then monopoly private companies can continue with their abusive practices. They are not longer state: so what? Do I give a fuck if OTE is public or private, if it behaves the same way.

      The evidence is that the privatised companies are actually a bigger drain on the economy than when they were state -- but since their profits come from market activities, as opposed to subsidies, their modus operandi are accepted by the neoliberal maniacs running the EU. In reality, monopolies and oligopolies are serious market distortions that damage an economy: they are probably less harmful as public companies.

    2. Dear commenter,

      How is ote private worse than public.

      Back in the day when it was a government owned public company, it was the only company. Now privatized the market opened for more companies creating competition and jobs. Hellas on online, vodaphone, wind etc.

      Take out a bill from 1998 and compare to todays bill. You will find for the same or more services you pay significantly less.

      Finally, not being a public company it is a lean and efficient business which is profitable and provides taxes to the government, rather a weight for the public where every politician adds fake overpaid underqualified idiots to its losses.

      No thank you. I would prefer a free market than pay out to leaches. In a free market you have a fighting chance and with intuitivity you can excel.

      Lease them out all. Even deh and eydap. The sooner the better.

      If you prefer the public olympic airways or the ote's of the past please leave and find your way to north korea which is the last remninants of communism.


  2. There is another, less spectacular, explanation.

    With taxation on professionals increased tremendously, they employ members of their family to pay less taxes.