Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Greek Seamen - Please Extend Your Strike!

Friedrich Nietzsche had created the philosophical concept of the "Revaluation of Values". In his book "The Antichrist", Nietzsche demolished the values of Christianity and called for their complete reversal, their complete revaluation. Which brings me, believe it or not, to Greece.

Of all the many things which Greeks have been critized for by Central Europeans, Greeks' tendency to strike a lot undoubtedly ranks near the top. Greeks should not strike, so the logic, but they should work. No wonder that the country is in such an economic mess if the people strike all the time.

Greece's seamen are currently on strike. My understanding is that the strike will last from Monday through Wednesday. You would expect uproar in Central Europe about this effrontery to go on strike while asking for money from Central Europe.

Well, on Austrian TV, the news reporting took a different view last evening. The flow of refugees entering Austria from the South had ebbed down. In fact, they even showed empty halls. But they immediately cautioned that this was only a temporary relief. It was due to the Greek seamen's strike which would be over in a couple of days (regrettably, they seemed to suggest).

And the unspoken moral of the story from non-striking Austria? Greek seamen - please extend your strike!


  1. This blog is too xenophobic and retarded.

    its really sad to read this intelectual and moral wreck.

  2. No New Posts ???? Refugees EU, Borders, France?


    1. I don't think refugees/borders/France are really part of "Observing Greece" but here is the link to an article which I have posted in another blog of mine:


      Regarding the other subjects, I have found this article in the WSJ most interesting:


      I think what we are witnessing is a Kotau to political correctness. Here is the opinion of a man who has no sympathy for political correctness:


      Finally, I have watched Putin's reaction to the bombing of the Russian plane. He did not mince words. Essentially, he told the perpetrators "You can't hide. We will look for you and we will find you. And when we find you, you will regret having been borne!" And his facial expression was scary.

      It looks to me like the EU can relax because Putin will get the dirty job done. In his own way...