Thursday, June 4, 2015

With (Party) Friends Like This, Does One Need Enemies?

PM Tsipras article in Le Monde has received wide attention. I have now read a reply to it by Stathis Kouvelakis, 'a central figure in SYRIZA's Left Platform'.

Poor Alexis Tsipras! With (party) friends like that, he really doesn't need enemies!


  1. Strange to realize that Tsipras has acted, is acting, as if he is an autocrat, a monarch.
    What is democratic about that? The word democracy is always on the tip of his tongue.
    I notice that I read all words with much astonishment, leaving only scepsis as an after effect: because nobody and not any word can create trust that this, what is written in the links, is true, and written by the one the article says it is his.
    More and more stories about Greece pop up in the media, in TV documentaries, and all show an own view, depending on the one who created it. There is not one that is complete, and offering all the important details to really know what is going on, and why. It needs years of intense study and there is no time for it.

    The "about" is the mix of all information, in oneself, and yes, it is in all of us an "about", and not an exact "thís it is".

  2. I hope comrade Stathis get it his way, a one shot deal is better. Europe must not waste its time, the next 20 years, on yearlong bazaar haggling about further reduction of debt and increase of alimony (in Greklish growth money) for Greece. Europe has enough serious problems without burning all its money and energy on a small inconsequential land that will not change. Parasites dont stop growing before the host organism die, then they move on looking for a new host.

    1. Your last comment is apposite. May we also look forward to the parasite state Germany quitting the eurozone, going back to its DM and leaving the rest of us in peace?

  3. In between the monthly expat lunch and work I have spent the weekend re-reading the 2 statements of the 2 gents and the 3 leaked documents regarding the negotiations. I have for quite a while been of the opinion that a divorce would be better, the readings only cemented that opinion. In fact I found myself agreeing with Berliner at all points apart from his analogy with parasites. Hosts of parasites can seldom free themselves of the nuisance, victims of blackmailers can, it's just to say no, or with a Greeklish phrase "we won't pay". So yes, I think it is time we send the bad boys out of Dodge. And no, I don't think Syriza are the only bad guys, the bad guys are the populist Greek society as a whole, politicians as well as voters. A society that think they have a right to happiness and prosperity, while free nations are happy with their freedom to pursue it.