Monday, June 8, 2015

Surprised By 5 Months' Of Negotiations?

Back in January of this year, only few people would have envisaged that back-and-forth negotiations, mostly over statistics and not over substance without any long-term financial solution, could drag on for 5 months or more. Only few people would have envisaged that and --- those who could were SYRIZA leaders.

I remember how, in the weeks running up to the January election, various SYRIZA leaders gave their views on how they thought the negotiations would proceed. Particularly Yiannis Dragasakis was very clear about that. He predicted that negotiations would run into the month of June, possibly until early July.

"That's impossible!", I thought at the time. Well, I was wrong and Dragasakis was right.


  1. So what!?
    In the total I don't see any kind of enlightened person, or a gifted clairvoyant. If so, please ask him all the open questions until now his PM and FinMin could not answer or answered with lies.
    My question to Dragasakis, in case he is clairvoyant:
    1. What is plan B?
    2. Can Syriza create one, and if so..
    3.When, and
    4.Will it work?
    5.Why don't you all leave now then?

  2. Yes, they covered their hands very closely. And they had more money as we expected, and they hid it well. I wonder how much is left now.

  3. Dragasakis has proven to be right On with everything he says. I like him alot because he speaks little and to the point. I believe him to be the man behind Tsipras and a key figure in greek politics.

    I now always listen very carefully what he has to say because he is never far from the truth. And when his latest tweets state "we will not be bullied" more or less, i see this negotiation going on for a very long time. The end result will be a graccident, grexit or worse.

    I expect this negotiation will run to the end of the year. 2016 will be yet another hard year.


    1. How will/can Greece have money to negotiate to the end of the year? Any new sources?

    2. Lots of can kicking...

      Tax return period will keep us going till the end of the year. Tax return installments start in July, property tax installements in August, all up till th end of the year. Plus the 100 installment payments program is going well.

      yes we will last till the end of the year but debt accured to private sector owed by the government will stranggle the economy. Not sure if anything will be standing after a deal is made.

      One way or another when it is a closed deal or not we are in for alot of pain and strife.