Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Boroume!" - Or as Obama would say: "Yes, we can!"

It is amazing what comes up when one begins digging in a certain direction! I had written a post about the EU Task Force which triggered feedback that not only foreigners have the wisdom required to improve Greece. Instead, a lot of wisdom resides within Greek brains and the example of Despina Tomadaki came up. That, in turn, led to reference to "Boroume", a non-profit organization in Athens which organizes the redistribution of superfluous foodstuffs. And that led to the mentioning of a Greek pharmaceutical company by the name of 'Pharmaten' which seems to be a prototype of modern business activities which Greece ought to become engaged in.

To me, "Boroume" is the best example of what personal initiative can accomplish. And, very surprisingly, the video which ARTE made about it references a number of other, similiar non-profit aid initiatives which are being undertaken in Greece. Below are a couple of articles about "Boroume":

HuffingtonPost, February 15, 2012
HuffingtonPost, December 12, 2012
Ekathimerini, October 27, 2011

I had an interesting experience when I opened the website of 'Pharmaten', the pharmaceutical company. I quickly double-checked the location of the company. Was that really a company in Greece? In a country about which one has heard nothing but the worst in the last few years?

Browsing through the website of 'Pharmaten', I couldn't help wondering why there wouldn't be more publishing about companies like that. I kept wondering how many other companies like 'Pharmaten' might exist in Greece. Or, even more importantly, how man new companies like 'Pharmaten' could be founded in Greece so that economic growth is generated and employment is facilitated?

The Kennedy's used the following slogan in their political campaigns: "Many people look at things as they are and they ask 'why'? I like to dream of things how they could be and I ask 'why not'?"

Or as Barack Obama continued to exclaim during his first campaign: "Yes, we can!"

Or as Boroume says in their company's name: "Boroume!"


  1. Nice surprise!
    Because.... I was working at a video today, about "Boroume", and more.

    "Inspiring Greek Initiatives"
    (with Boroume, Social Practice and Artnetwork....)

    Yes, we can!
    So...., going on.
    If somebody knows more Inspiring Greek Initiatives:
    Please send me an email with information, photos, links, videos:

    Thank you

  2. The Pharmathen website was created by Lighthouse Internet Media & Advertising

    They have a number of other 'interesting' customers.


  3. Continuing the story that started with Boroume:

    1. Video with another inspiring Greek: Vangelis, talking in an interview with "Al Jazeera" about the role of music in times of chaos, crisis and uncertainty....

    2. Video with a very inspiring group of young people in Athens: Atenistas!
    Their website:
    It has grown into something huge! Incredible!
    I found photos and videos, to create a new video out of it, with an explaining and informative text in English (their website is in Greek), to inspire all people.
    I am back later with the video url.

    Boroume! :)