Friday, October 26, 2012

A Growth Model for Greece - Waste Management

"Greece 10 years ahead" (GTYA) is the title of a study published by the Athens Office of McKinsey in mid-2011. It outlines a National Growth Model which, the study predicts, would create over 500.000 new jobs and add roughly 50 BEUR to Greece's GDP within a decade. The executive summary of the study consists of 72 pages. I have already explained in a previous post that I will make short posts about each major point of the summary for those who prefer not to read 72 pages.

The study focuses on growth opportunities in 5 major 'production sectors' which are already of prime importance to the Greek economy and on 8 'rising stars', i. e. new sectors where present activity is still small but where significant potential can be expected. In this post, I will focus on the 'rising star' of waste management (page 68 in the executive summary).

Production Sector - Waste Management
GTYA is very brief on this issue. Essentially, they are saying the following:

* Greece relies primarily on landfill to manage its municipal waste (80% in Greece; 40% average in EU; 10% in some EU-coutries)
* moving away from landfilling and introducing higher value-adding waste management methods (e. g. incineration, recycling, composting) would have significant environmental and financial benefits for the country
* Greece should introduce incineration, increase the rate of recycling/composting and recover more energy from waste

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  1. In a few sentences so much incredibly wonderful words are spoken, that these few words should be written with a much bigger font size, with a red colour, and many many exclamation marks.

    There is such a huge waste of land, and the only thing what is built on it already for too many denturies are hotels, new modern houses, disturbing the typical characteristic old beautiful so lovely atmosphere. All for the guests, the tourists, who rule Greece and its islands, who act like uncivilized kings. The Greeks around them are selling their soul and all the Greek beauty to them, not realising that these Kings will not return when finally Greece/Crete is too disgusting to like it.

    Time to clean it up, to start talking about these sentences, written in your post.
    They should be written on each door in Greece.

    Thank you, again, for concerning about Greece.
    I am so deeply worried. It is time that World
    Wide Fund for Nature interferes in what is going on, at least on Crete, where I know so many stories about. I wrote to them, to several other "green" organisations, in 2009, made even a video for youtube about "Crete, her Olive Trees, and the Catastrophe ..."
    A simple one, but with a lot of reactions.
    I wrote to the government, but now I know the reason why there has not been any reaction at all. They were sleeping, all, they just are waking up a little now. But also the Greek World Wide Fund for Nature is sleeping.
    What can I do to wake them up?

    (It was not possible to add my LinkedIn ID, it was not recognized, so I added the link to one of my blogs)