Monday, October 8, 2012

A Growth Model for Greece - Aquaculture

"Greece 10 years ahead" (GTYA) is the title of a study published by the Athens Office of McKinsey in mid-2011. It outlines a National Growth Model which, the study predicts, would create over 500.000 new jobs and add roughly 50 BEUR to Greece's GDP within a decade. The study consists of 72 pages. I have already explained in a previous post that I will make short posts about each major point of the study for those who prefer not to read 72 pages.

The study focuses on growth opportunities in 5 major 'production sectors' which are already of prime importance to the Greek economy and on 8 'rising stars', i. e. new sectors where present activity is still small but where significant potential can be expected. In this post, I will focus on the 'rising star' of aquaculture (page 63 in the GTYA-report).

Rising Star ---Aquaculture
Greece currently produces about half of the global output of sea bass and sea bream, and these two products make up 90% of Greece's aquaculture production. As in several other areas, Greece is exporting (export quota 80%) primarily in bulk so that the gravy margin is elsewhere. Furthermore, Greece's still dominant market position is rapidly becoming threatened by a very aggressive Turkey. So, standing still is not really an option for Greece. The risk is to lose market position to Turkey. The opportunity is to really expand on the current market position. Major priorities are:

* in addition to fortifying/expanding leadership position in core markets (Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany), expand with existing products in Holland, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.
* promote existing product portfolio to new offshore markets in combination with other Greek exports (US, Japan, China).
* accelerate introduction of new species leveraging on the existing product development effort.
* further penetrate offshore markets (mainly in Asia) through high value-adding products and fast growing species.

For details, please refer to the GTYA-report.

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