Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let's all re-read the McKinsey Report

I have written before about the McKinsey Report "Greece Ten Years Ahead" which was published about a year ago. Those who have a desire to become bullish about the future potential of Greece are invited to re-read that report. It is full of promising opportunities which Greece could have if it only put its mind to it.

And if that is not enough for you as far as positive vibrations about Greece are concerned, take a look at this event Reload Greece which will take place in London this coming weekend.


  1. We did. Thanks for keeping a focus on this. People like to ignore it, since it offers a way forward, with a lot of hard work...

    Now a question, why dont you add the full spread of Greek Civil Society web sites to your links? Why only Branding Greece and Greece is Changing and not the original people that started this all? Greece needs a zillion times more work than simple "branding" and people out there know Repower Greece, which also wants to change the mindset, not just the label.

  2. I have added Repower Greece. If you tell me of other websites of Greek Civil Society, I will add them, too.