Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are dreams permitted on a Sunday?

I frequently get criticism that I am naive when I think that there could indeed be a very bright future for Greece. I normally refer to that future as "Greece's becoming the economic tiger of the Eastern Mediterranean".

Do I think that this will ever happen? Well, by now I kind of doubt it. But in order for something to happen, one must be able to envisage it happening in the first place. Let me dream a bit and desribe how it could happen.

Alexis Tsipras is not the majority of Greece. If I recall, he got a little over 30% of the vote. That means that there are another 70% or so. Could it be that Greece has only one Alexis Tsipras? No other Alexis Tsiprases among the other 70%?

There is no doubt in my mind that Alexis Tsipras has what it takes to be perceived by a suffering and disenchanted people as a strong leader who would lead Greece into a better future. His soundbites are extremely seductive!

Here is one of the key phrases I have ever read as regards a possible "mission statement" for Greek leadership:

"We will seek to build a modern and prosperous Greece: a Greece characterised by economic opportunity and social equity, and served by an efficient administration with a strong public service ethos".

The statement comes from the executive summary of the EU Task Force for Greece. I guess Alexis Tsipras could subsribe to that but, as I have explained before, I don't think his ideology would make that possible.

Just imagine, for a moment, that Greece could produce an Alexis Tsipras from the center. A leader who could motivate Greeks exactly like Alexis Tsipras does with his seductive soundbites but who bases his policies on reality and not on wishful thinking. A leader who would generate as much excitement among a majority of Greeks as Alesix Tsipras does with his followers (who are still the minority).

I am reminded of the enormous search process which the Tibetans went through in oder to find the right Dalai Lama. Perhaps it's time for a committee of "wise Greeks" to start a search process for an Alexis Tsipras from the center. There have got to be candidates. After all, a year ago I didn't even know that one Alexis Tsipras existed, not to mention several of them.

Well, that was all dreaming, of course. But dreaming is often nicer than reality...


  1. "... But dreaming is often nicer than reality... "

    Thank u sir.

  2. Absolutely OK, to consciously dream is to imagine that which doesn't exist, you can't even think unless you can imagine an alternative to that which currently exists.

    But if I were a Greek then I'd wish for a Greek Harry Lee or Deng Xiaoping doer, rather than a Greek Dalai Lama dreamer.

    1. I think the perfect prototype would be someone like an Alexis Tsipras on the outside (who can motivate the masses) and a, say, Harry Lee on the inside (who can get done what needs to get done).


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