Monday, August 6, 2012

Another slap in the face or perhaps the sign of a change in pace and scenary?

There have been some very troublesome revelations recently. On one, the circumstances surrounding the planned privatization of the Thessaloniki harbor, I wrote a blogpost. In another blogpost, I linked four more scandalous events in Greece. Altogether, I called them slaps into the faces of those who still attempt to bring order to Greece.

Today, I read this article by a Greek blogger about the seemingly complete mess in Greece's social insurance funds.

Here is a difference, though.

In this last article, the description of the various blatant misuses is a by-product of the story. The thrust of the story is that serious efforts are being made to clean up the mess.

When so many "stories" come up in a short period of time, it begs the question whether that's a coincidence or whether there is perhaps more to it. Could it perhaps be that the new government is indeed starting to talk turkey when they talk about cleaning out the Augean stables of Greece?

Hope dies last; so let's hope so!

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