Friday, March 9, 2012

Greeks afraid of FYROM? Not at all!

It is quite amazing how market forces can be more powerful than political ideology!

Greece's favorite neighbor to the North, the FYROM, was the shooting star of the World Bank's "Doing Business 2012" report: they moved up from position #24 to #22! Greece, on the other hand, remained around position #100 (by far the worst ranking of any EU-country).

These 2 articles show that Greeks themselves find the FYROM a good place to do business:

I am reminded of a FYROM marketing presentation where a team of slick government officials explained convincingly why the FYROM would be an excellent place for foreign investment.

I am also reminded of a Greek commercial on CNN where blue skies and blue seas were shown and a wonderful voice intoned: "The Gods could have chosen any place in the world and they chose Greece!"

So should foreigners do their serious investing in the FYROM and drive down to Greece when they feel like having some blue skies and blue seas?

It is entirely up to Greece to convince foreigners that they can get both in Greece --- the serious investment opportunities and, of course, the blue skies and blues seas. But Greece better start doing that soon!

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