Monday, March 5, 2012

Greece beyond salvation? Maybe yes, maybe no! Who knows?

We might all be on the wrong track! On one hand, the powers that be seem to have resolved that Greece is a bottomless pit and needs to be released into a new era of the Drachma (and that sounds very credible). On the other hand, there are signals suggesting that Greece is moving swiftly towards salvation (and that sounds quite credible, too).

What Mr. Papademos presented to the EU on January 31 sounds awfully impressive! At the same time, what the website "Greece is Changing" publishes under "Useful Relevant Files" is also awfully impressive!

What are the facts? Why doesn't anyone in Greece talk about the important questions? Questions like: What are the measures we are taking to get out of this mess and how far have we advanced so far?

Why is the public not being informed regularly about the course of the journey towards recovery? (if there is one). How can one expect people to make sacrifices without explaining to them what they are for and if they produce the desired results?

The website Branding Greece is a good one! However, branding must go hand-in-hand with actual facts which confirm the new branding. Greece needs both, and needs both in a coordinated way: the projection of a new Greek branding and the communication of any facts which show that the new branding is supported by facts.

When I talk to Greeks, they generally tell me that nothing material will ever change in Greece. Well, that is a wonderful self-fulfilling prophesy. It will definitely come true unless it gets confronted with facts to the contrary.

Such facts must urgently be produced. If they are already there, they must urgently be communicated.

It is not sufficient to do good things; one also has to talk about them!

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