Friday, June 17, 2011

Greek tax evasions - a possible solution?

Just imagine what would happen if, one day, Greek TV channels reported all day long how 10-20 well-known “mangas” from politics, bureaucracy, business, etc. were lead away in handcuffs, accused of enormous tax evasion. The positive energy reverberating the entire society would come close to the time when Greece won the European soccer championship!

And in the evening of that day, the government could announce that at least a thousand intelligent but unemployed university graduates have been trained to make tax evaluation interviews with people who are deemed to have high income and/or property but paid hardly any taxes. That they will make one such interview per day which means that one thousand “mangas” would face a moment of truth every day (or about 100.000 within 3 months). The “mangas” would be informed that if they refuse to provide information or if they provide false/incomplete information, that would be a criminal offense and could lead to immediate arrest. The small shop owners and business men or the taxi drivers, who presently almost force a customer to accept a receipt, would not have to worry because they definitely don’t belong to those 100.000.

On a somewhat humorous note: Silvio Berlusconi, after having seen DSK in handcuffs, will undoubtedly be very well-behaved the next time he stays at a NYC hotel…

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