Monday, January 22, 2018

Greek Land Registry Seeing Light At End Of Tunnel!

The issue of Greek land registration has been the subject of several articles in this blog. The NZZ has now published a rather promising article on the subject.

* the goal of completing the land registry by 2020 remains realistic (the effort began in 1995 and as of now roughly 30% of all properties are properly registered).
* a new governmental office has been created into which roughly 400 local land registry offices are being incorporated.
* over 350 MEUR are being dedicated to the subject, roughly 100 MEUR thereof coming from the EU.
* emphasis is being put on outsourcing cartography work to private firms.

Well, 2020 will come around sooner or later. What strikes me interesting is that, according to this article, the roughly 400 local land registry office are private offices and not public ones. If true, that seems rather unusual.


  1. The church is by far the biggest landowner in Greece. Therefore the delays in registry issues are all attributed to the church because its real estate tax bill (ENFIA) will collapse it. as simple as this.

  2. I am hard pressed to believe that the the goal of completing the land registry by 2020 can be accomplished. It took them 22 years to register less than 30% - mainly state owned woodlands and coastal areas (according to the NZZ article). So the low hanging fruits have aleady been picked. How they will manage to register the remaining 70% in just 2 years remains a mystery to me.