Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Manufacturing Sector Starts Growing!

The latest report by IHS Markit about the Greek manufacturing sector has got to be the best news in ages! It says that:

* the Greek manufacturing sector growth, i. e. the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), climbed to the highest level since August of 2008!
* it was bolstered by BOTH domestic and foreign demand!
* and the rate of jobs growth was the sharpest in over 17-1/2 years!

I am reminded of an article which a wrote 4 months ago, titled "The Gut Says: 'Greece Is On The Rebound!'"


  1. Indeed some good news but, it has been expected. Some bad news is that Eldorado gold will seize investments in their new mining sites until approvals of std permits well be made.

    However overall, i expect that things will turn around. This summer blocking myself from news, blogs, print news etc etc... i allowed myself to ascertain a feel of the mainstream economical environment. There is a new balance.

    Although the pain of the crisis is still here, there is a growth in jobs, there is a flow of money even with capital controls and relaxing them will be a huge breathe of air for the economy. Both black and white money within the economy are circulating and many companies big medium and small are working.

    Even though more changes will come i expect, hopefully to be at some kind of normalcy in the next couple of years.

    There is still work to be done and when that normalcy comes is when Tsipras has left and the dirty work done and ND will come.

    I am still waiting to see the infrastructural changes that will occur in the new Italian owner trainose, cosco ports, and peripheral airports.

    Maybe the lull we have right now is because German elections are on there way and they want the Greek Issue quiet. TBC.

    Blog is quiet and normal again.

    Hope you had a good time in Greece Mr. Kastner.


    1. Well, thank you for your wishes but I am not in Greece yet. We spend about 2 months every spring and about 3 months every fall. This year, the departure was delayed (because the weather was so good in Austria), but I will fly to Thessaloniki tomorrow. I expect to land in a city which is totally on the upbeat after hearing Tsipras' speech there. Happy times are here again!