Monday, October 17, 2016

Tsipriza - The New Greek Party

With 93,5% support from the followers of Alexis Tsipras, a new Greek party was created of this past weekend - TSIPRIZA!

At least this is what the GreekAnalyst has suggested.


  1. I have difficulty with your conclusion.

    If you have only one candidate what is the difference between 51% and 94%?

    If you are the only candidate then you only need 50% of the vote + 1 vote.

  2. Tsipras is following the exact same policy that his predecessor, Samaras, followed.

    He is heavily taxing everyone and everything in order to achieve the goals of the MoU, so that then he can tell the Europeans "here, I achieved the goals that you asked, now reduce my debt".

    Tsipras' policy is just as fragile as Samaras' was. This overtaxation leads to economic ruin, that much should be clear by the drastically increased internal arrears. The Europeans should be blamed heavily for their complicity in this.

    It should be obvious by now that Greece won't be able to borrow from the markets once this third bailout expires, so a fourth bailout is inevitable. The problem is that year after year the political climate in Europe gets more and more toxic, so everything is up in the air.

    As far as Greece is concerned, in order to attract investors it must reduce this insane taxation, as well as reform it's defunct public administration (bureaucracy, over-prescriptions in the health sector, city planning, tax-office, ridiculous delays in the justice system, laws that favor "protected" professions like civil-engineers etc etc etc). Again, the Europeans should be heavily blamed for their complicity in this. Simply put, they must put together a MoU that actually has a chance to succeed. The ones so far didn't.

  3. a nice new subject has arisen. Higher courts deem syriza law on media unconstitutional....

    should make a nice discussion,


    1. The stupidity of the Greek opposition is amazing.

      The higher courts just handed the government a tool of collecting in only one year the same broadcasting fees the government was to receive over a 10 year span.

      As of next Monday the government is tabling a temporary law that would the set the annual licensing fee to a minimum 7 million euros per participant. And since there are no limits on the number of participants then all twenty of them would be required to pay the broadcasting fee every year as follows:

      7 Meuro per participant X 20 participants = 210 Meuros.

      So for the next decade Greece would rake in:

      210 Meuros per year X 10 years = 2.1 Billion euros.

      Nice sum to be paid by owners who are mostly ND and Pasok pawns. That a very nice harvest indeed and Tsipras is all smiles.