Monday, July 4, 2016

EU Elites Are Seriously Flawed. But British Elites???

Below is an article from one of my other blogs which does not have as large a readership.

EU Elites Are Seriously Flawed. But British Elites?


  1. They certainly are flawed. But watching the debate in UK's parliament give you hope that they will be able to clean up the mess they have made. When even a hard core socialist like Jeremy Corbyn shows humor and self-irony all is not lost. The conservative even showed humor bordering on frivolity by nominating Boris Johnson as foreign minister. So different from the self-important, poisoned shouting in the Greek parliament.

  2. KK wrote "I am a fierce critic of the EU elites who behave like [. . .] But compared with EU elites, what we have seen from Great Britain of late simply defies description!"

    That is a perfect illustration of why the UK will be better off outside the EU, and why the EU will work better without the UK as a member. That "they just don't get it" could be said of both sides.

    BoJo is FM because May is following LBJ's maxim regarding Hoover and tents. BoJo will probably spend most of his time elsewhere than the EU, but if the EU elites want to spend all their time fulminating about him, then more fool them. Celebrity obsession must be another of their characteristics.

    May has trifurcated the FCO, Davis and Fox are the Brexit engineers. If BoJo steps out of line then, providing Gove has served a suitable penance he can be given a reprieve.

    When was the last time an elected member of Euro elite made a speech such the one May gave from her front doorstep -- especially a right ring EU elite. Read it, its punch lines are Churchillian, simple Anglo Saxon words, none of that Romance waffle or Germanic convolutions.

  3. Yes, it was a great speech. Churchillian? In some aspects. She was quite eloquent, her "to go as far as your talents will take you"appeals to peoples idea to strive for excellence. She spoke to the whole nation, a simple message, "it will be a challenge, but we will make it together, and it will be worth it". In that way she took all citizens hostage, and that is meant in a positive way.
    When you compare it with our local leader, who promises free lunch for everybody who vote for him, he seems pathetic. No "we can make it together" in Greece but, I will, Syriza will, the left will do it for you, if you are one of our voters.
    The difference between an orator and a demagogue, or between a statesman and a populist?
    May has an advantage, her constituents are British, there is no way she could sell that program to Greeks.